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  • Alex

    That is the big question! We just email everyone but def curious to see what everyone else is doing.

  • Jane P

    One of the PTO moms is a graphic designer and she creates these really cool fliers for our events. We send a hard copy home with each kid, and follow up with an email, and  text message as a reminder. Texts actually get the most replies. 

  • Heidi

    Research shows that people respond more when you've given them something, no matter how small. We saw a tangible uptick in event participation when we started attaching 1 free ticket (worth $1) to the paper invite. Also, we personalize our follow-up email or text (i.e., "Looking forward to seeing Amy and Andy, and their "village" at the Walk-A-Thon!"). Yes, personalizing does take a lot more time, but the response rate is also considerably higher compared to mass emails.

  • Andy Valenz
    To make sure all the new families are engaged, we setup a welcome picnic as soon as we know which students will be attending the following year. It is usually a Saturday toward the end of the school year before they leave for summer break. This builds a sense of community and let's the kiddos meet other kiddos to make it easier when the school year starts. 
    We follow that up with some other events throughout the summer. We find that if the parents are more engaged early on, they tend to feel more a part of the community and it is easier to ask them for a donation when the school year starts.
  • Kari

    We have parent grade level or class reps who can reach out to parents directly and who has some authority because they are the rep of the classroom or grade. They can act as a liaison for the parents.


  • Julie Otto
    Getting teacher buy in has helped us the most. They benefit from the donations because they get supplies and more engaged parents. Before times when parents are going to engage with parents, like back to school night, we ask the teachers to explain the importance of giving to there students and that if people did not give what extras would be lost. We give them fliers to hand out and ask them to please go onto the donation portal and give right there.

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