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Increasing Donation Participation



  • Jane P

    We make everything into an event or a party. And a competition! Class rooms with the highest % of participants get a special treat. We ask that everyone give what they are comfortable with,be it a lot or just a few bucks. And we try to involve the entire community as often as possible. Benefits of living in a small town where everyone knows each other :>D

    Very important to make it as easy as possible for people to give - lump sum or monthly payment options, cash, check, paypal, credit card, venmo, etc. Once an elderly gentelman handed us one gallon ziplock bag full of coins and bills. No problem, we took it :>D

    Equally important is to always make it very clear what exactly are the funds raised going to be used for, and give weekly updates. Also, alot of people wait until the 11th hour, and suddenly spring into action right before the deadline. 



  • Heidi

    We focus on the purpose of the fundraiser and direct benefits to the students in our messaging.

    We keep a large banner at the entrance of the school with the fundraising and donating info (for the entire neighborhood to see and participate) and update it daily to indicate where we are at with our efforts.

    We give an incentive to make a donation by a certain date (before the deadline) by entering every donor (regardless of the amount given, or whether they are a parent/relative/family friend/neighbor) in a raffle for a gift card to a popular local cafe (donated by the cafe, of course!).

    Our final reminder to the families (email plus text) includes a crystal clear sense of urgency. It spells out the amount still missing from the fundraising target, and what will (not) happen if we don't reach it.

    We celebrate the end of the fundraiser with a popsicle (hot weather) or hot chocolate (winter) party for all the kids and teachers, and send a personalized thank you message to all the donors.


  • Kari



  • Dustin Medina

    Tapping into corporate philathrophy programs has been a valuable tool for our team. Surprisingly large number of companies match their employees' donations to non-profits, some as much as 1:1. Even more surprisingly, very few people are aware of this! it seems that this perk is often not advertised. So we request in the beginning of a school year that our parents check with their HR/boss and specifically ask about donation matching.

    When we did a large scale beautification project, one parent's workplace allowed him (and several workers;  Paid time!) to use the company's equipment and help us out for half a day. Can't even begin to tell you how much money and time this saved us! In exchange we hung up a banner with the company's logo and contact info on our streetside fence and hopefully helped generate some new business for them. Same deal with local restaurants and other businesses that have donated money, food or services for our events - their banners get a prominent display on our fence for everyone to see. 


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